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The unintentional moment

December 30, 2009

Recently I decided to turn the camera on my most familiar surroundings. I do so with the intention of tapping into my vast emotional life, how I relate to my environment and other beings, as well as how the past relates to this. In taking pictures of the people and animals with whom I experience intimacy, acceptance and belonging, I have an opportunity to process my life. I want to do this with sensitivity and honesty. I’ve known my boyfriend for over 2 years now and in the photographs I have taken of him over time, he usually gives me a variation of the same intense stare. It’s the side he shows least to others, but almost always to my camera. In looking at and writing about the work of Ishiuchi, Moriyama and other photographers in the online exhibit I recently curated, I realized that in photographing the people and things in my life less obviously and with more ambiguity, I can lend them proper respect and consideration. The light in our apartment is beautiful and whenever I’m talking to my boyfriend in our workspace he is looking at me with his back to the window, and he is backlit so I can never get a proper exposure on his face, so for once, I decided not to. Significant things often happen the in the time spaces I least expect or try to control.

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