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The Kansas City trickle

August 19, 2010

I shot a lot of film last June when  I drove to Kansas City to visit my friend Jason.  After developing a small portion of what is stashed in the freezer a few weeks ago, I finally got around to scanning a few last week during the digital printing workshop I took at ICP.  The pictures from this trip will probably come trickling through over the next few months, which to me is an enjoyable prospect.  It’s like a present. One of the things I enjoy about shooting film is that I have to wait. When I finally get the film back and scan it, I get to revisit the memory of shooting the picture, while in a completely different time and head space.  Things that weren’t resolved in my life at that time might be clearer now; other things more murky or at a distance. Did I see the image the way that looks? Or was I completely off? If so then I have to live with consequences and maybe just like the picture anyway, or have to let it go.

That day my friend Jason and his friend Micheal drove  me around the train yards and old sections of town near the river bottoms so i could get some shots with my 4×5 (I have loads and have not processed any!)  At times we just stopped somewhere and walked around for a bit so I used my hand holdable Pentax 6×7 in situations when I didn’t feel like setting up shop all over again. MY Mamiya 7 was in the shop. Photographers often smirk at mention of the Pentax beast camera as they tell me they shoot with a Mamiya RZ (which I’ve still never shot.) The Pentax is a pain in the ass but it takes great pictures and deserves a lot more credit than it gets.  I feel like the Mamiya is name drop camera…like it’s cool to have one so I resisted making the turn.  As it turns out, I bought the Mamiya 7 off a friend, almost on a whim. The lighter-weight, range finder still yields a nice 6×7 negative, and haven’t regretted it.  I didn’t know how to use a rangefinder (with a spot meter!) when I got it so the leanring curve was a little rough. It’s a much easier camera to carry around though and I really love it.   Bummer it was in the shop for my trip but it was really cool to get re-acquainted with my old camera and lenses.

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