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October 26, 2010

About  my pictures:

I am interested in themes of complex spirituality, human consciousness, the ephemeral nature of life and the things that never go away.  But eventually everything goes away or at least changes.  This is nothing new to talk about yet I think about it frequently.  I care deeply about other human beings and what they experience, but only know how to begin with myself.

It seems like I want you to have that “ah-ha” (thanks Nancy) moment and then question it. Or perhaps this is what the experience of both life and picture taking, the great moment where everything resolved and then slowly or quickly dissolves, changes or fades. Then something else happens…The pictures are evidence what was there at one moment in time, maybe even of things that stay stationary for relative epochs, like our memories of people that we haven’t seen for a long time or just haven’t  recognized as changing.

I’m interested in faith in spite of the ephemeral, tokens and monuments to these. I’m interested in things both in decay and well maintained, because, as a human beings, we all have the potential to experience both of these many times in our lives.

I was at the hospital a few weeks ago, waiting for mine turn in line to receive a permission form to receive files of the x-rays of my recently broken arm.  There was an exasperated woman there who had been waiting for a couple hours to receive permission to take her grandson’s records so they could proceed with whatever it is he needed at another hospital. The frustration on her face went beyond this occasion.  She was her grandson’s caretaker and consistently had to deal with bureaucratic perplexities in trying to care for him. She was spending her whole day trying to get this important information and eventually was sent to another place. She lives in Coney Island and it was something that took up her whole day.  I know how many days and hours and minutes I spend dealing with crap like this. I don’t even have a grandson I have to care for. I wondered briefly why her daughter was absent.  It must be hard for all of them. It took me a couple of hours to get my x-rays but my day was better than hers. Although, the next day I got caught in the rain with the ICP’s Mark II and my dog and a broken arm and was running late to class.  How precious are the moments when we aren’t dealing with bullshit.  I grew up with a religious rhetoric where the end of the world was coming at any moment and later I created situations where it definitely was. And now sometimes even these small moment feel just like mini Armageddons.

It is important to me to know how people read the images and the edits.  I know I have something substantial and important to convey but I’m struggling how to put these moments together.


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