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The carrot hand

November 21, 2010

Lately during my walks with Nova kids have been talking to me about her. A few days ago I had my camera with me too and this sweet kid asked me if I was a photographer. My answer was some thing like, “Yes, I am…well, I take pictures of things.” I asked him if he every took pictures. He shook his no at first but then thought about it and said something like, “Yea, I take pictures of things sometime…a lot sometimes.” He told me about this carrot he had that looked like a hand with three fingers and a thumb. He told me he took a picture of it. Then he told me he still has it, I didn’t ask what the time frame was but told him he should take a picture of it again.

Recently I went to the Elad Lassry show at Luhring Augustine. At the MOMA’s “New Photography” exhibit, I liked his the best as well. I don’t want to discuss why right now because I already want to shoot myself in the head from endless discussions and writings about pictures and shows and what they mean. The pictures are just weird, like the carrot-hand. I am imagining the creature such a hand belongs too. Initially I imagined the carrot at the Lassry show; a small framed photograph, propped upright against a bright green background and slightly out of focus. Lately I have been cutting up my pictures and taping them around my house and taking pictures of them. I wish I had a picture of that carrot to cut up, but it wouldn’t mean as much to me if I didn’t take it. I’ll post some of those pictures later. They are weird, man.

I have been feeling like I don’t have any pictures to post as I have not been able to shoot as prolifically as I normally do, partially because of my arm being broken and subsequently mal-functioning hand. Maybe I have a carrot-hand now. Mostly now I haven’t shot as much because reading, writing and showing up for school has been eating away at my already bizarre sense of time and life. My life has been stranger than ever but I can’t write about that right now. I have a few portriat session lined up which give me some hope and there’s always my neighborhood. While looking through my drives for pictures of André and the Lion I realized I have so many pictures to post on a blog. I have so many pictures…I think this is part of why I am cutting them up….it also has to do with memory and all that crap….I post them later, in case you need something to look forward to. Maybe if I get weirder, smarter and more aloof I also will get a show at Luhring Augustine. Actually I like a lot of the work they show, not to the point of investigating each artist, but there are a few I’ve started with. Of course I delved into the world of Daido Moriyama to the point of getting my books signed at his show last spring, but he’s just rad. Maybe if I decide to really ruin my mental state and become an art writer or become more invested in high art then I can explicate just why I dig that gallery. In the meantime there’s always more pictures.


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